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End of year poll 2017 : Nominations are open!

End of year poll

It's that time of year again! Where we open up our annual End of year poll to award amazing alternative talent. It's our way of saying thanks to the very companies, shops and designers at the heart of the alternative scene for continuing to amaze and support us with their wonderful work.

It's your chance to put forward your favourites in alternative fashion your favourite companies, designers, and shops, who you think deserve some praise for their hard work. We may not have much to give with our annual awards, but it's our way of saying thanks to your favourites, putting them in the spotlight here on our site.

But wait.. it's not the end of the year yet?! We've listened to our readers and nominees over the past couple of years, and brought our awards forward a little we know how busy this time of year can be, so we want to make sure that you've got plenty of time to get involved in this years poll!

So, how do our End of year poll nominations work?

Every year we ask you our readers to nominate your favourites from our selected categories in our End of year poll. We'll take a running total of each and every nomination we receive, then the top three nominees in each category will then go forward for the public vote on our site in December.

It's fairly straightforward, simply send us your nominations from our categories to info[at] you've got until 6pm (GMT) on November 26th to nominate your favourites.

What happens next? After we've counted up this years nominations, we'll reveal the lucky nominees in each category here on our site on December 18th at 10am (GMT) approx.

Why such a long wait to find out who's been nominated?

As we mentioned before, in past polls our readers and nominees requested more time to get involved with our annual End of year poll. This year, we'll be contacting the lucky nominees ahead of the big reveal, so we can work together with them to make this years poll amazing. It'll be worth the wait to see who's been nominated in our End of year poll!

So, how do I get involved? Simply choose your favourites from the categories listed here. You can choose to nominate in just one category, or all of the listed categories it's entirely up to you who you put forward! Just ensure that they are nominated in the correct category, and if possible, send us their site url also (this helps us to ensure that we're contacting the right nominee!).

End of year poll

What are the categories in this year's poll?

UK Company - this would be a company that's released some inspiring designs, or alternative products, like last year's winners The Rogue + The Wolf.

UK Designer - an alternative designer whose creations have wow'ed you this past year, like last year's winner Curiology.

UK Shop - an alternative shop that you just adore, whether it's local to you, or one you make a special journey to visit, like last year's winners Void Clothing - Nottingham.

UK Web Shop - a web store that keeps you coming back for more with their amazing selection of stock, like last year's winners The Gothic Shop.

UK Model - an alternative model whose work keeps you mezmerised, like last year's winner Ella Amethyst.

UK Photographer - an alternative photographer whose work you just adore, like last year's winner Horrify Me.

International Company - an alternative company based outside of the UK, whose clothing you just adore, like last year's winners Sinister.

International Designer - an alternative designer based outside of the UK, whose creations have amazed you, like last year's winner Eva Zolnar.

International Web Shop - an alternative web store based outside of the UK, that keeps you coming back for more, like last year's Wonderland 13.

Intenational Model - an alternative model based outside of the UK, whose work you just adore, like last year's winner Obsidian Kerttu.

International Photographer - an alternative photographer based outside of the UK, whose work you admire, like last year's winner Beatriz Mariano.

Once you've chosen your favourites to nominate this year, simply email them to us here at: info[at]

The nominations are open until 6pm (GMT) on November 26th. Come back to our site on December 18th to see the nominees up for the public vote in our End of year poll.

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