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8 life hacks for dyeing your hair at home.

Most of us are seasoned pro's at dyeing our hair, but for some, the current pandemic may mean that you're currently faced with the ultimate dilemma; Do I dye my hair myself? Thanks to these handy hair dye hacks, you'll soon be able to comfortably dye your hair, and keep your hair that bold shade of blue!

Woman with black and blue ombre hair : Hair dye life hacks

First things, first.

Before you even start, how was your hair dyed in the first place? Was it bleached at a salon prior to going bright red. Was it permanent or semi-permanent? Did you just have a tint?

If it was bleached and you've never attempted this yourself before, right now we wouldn't recommend trying it - better safe then sorry. Let those roots grow out, but top up your colour with a semi-permanent dye. Really experiment with your look, making the most of those dark roots on show.

Touching up a permanent dye that's faded? Go semi-permanent during lockdown. This will provide the coverage that you need whilst waiting for things to return to normal, and should last for several weeks.

Whatever shade you choose to touch up your look, you'll need some help before you start. Check out our handy hair dye hacks, and you should be well on your way to dyeing your hair fuss free at home.

Tub of Manic Panic Violet hair dye : Dyeing your hair at home

Don't trust the model on the box.

When it comes to store bought hair dyes that shade of blue on the box may not necessarily be the shade that you end up with, especially if you have a naturally darker shade of hair. The final colour may be far lighter than you expected. Also, don't panic if it's really dark at first; the colour will fade after the first few washes.

Buy two boxes or tubs.

If you have long length hair just one won't be enough. Get two and this should be enough to ensure that your hair is completely covered.

Create a barrier.

Prior to dyeing your hair you'll want to create a barrier around your hairline. Apply some Vaseline or cold cream to your forehead, around the ears, and the top of your neck, following your hairline around. This will really help to prevent any staining.

Wear gloves.

No gloves, no dye.. For store bought dyes you'll already have a pair to hand in the box, but for semi-permanent vegetable based dyes like Manic Panic, you'll need to get a pair of latex gloves. Trust us, nobody wants purple hands..

Woman with pink hair and dark roots : Hair dye life hacks

Use something old.

Whether it's a t-shirt whilst you're dyeing your hair, or a towel to dry your hair. It's surprising how much dye can run, and how much it can rub off also; even after you've rinsed it off! Keep the towel to hand for those first few washes afterwards too.

Tube of Crazy Color pink hair dye : Dyeing your hair at home

Section and separate.

Avoid any patchiness with your hair dye and apply it in sections. Some hair grips will really come in handy to help separate your hair into four sections - two in front of the ears, and two in the back. Work through these back to front and apply with ease.

Touch up your roots.

Let's face it, this is probably the reason that you're dyeing your hair in the first place. Always make sure that you tend to your roots first, then apply your dye to the rest of your hair.

Add shampoo.

After rinsing, apply some shampoo. This really helps to remove any extra stubborn stains from your scalp. Then condition and rinse and you're good to go!

Hopefully, these hair dye hacks will help you on your way to achieving the perfect touch up to get you through lockdown.

Looking for that perfect shade still? Why not check out our handy directory site where you can find stockists for plenty of well-known alternative hair dye brands!

Images: Bruno Bueno from Pexels | Athena from Pexels