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Crazy colours dye

Crazy color hair dye "Fire"

Over the year's I've tried many hair dye shades and brands, but one that's always passed me by has been Crazy color's range of hair dyes. Previously unavailable unless you scoured the internet for hours but in recent years Crazy color has been readily stocked by Beeunique, with their full range of shades available.

I grabbed a tub of their vibrant red "Fire" shade to put to the test. In a bright pink container the dye can be easily decanted into a tint bowl, or in my handy re-useable case, an empty cleanser pot from Lush.

It's very easy to apply, a thick gloopy consistency which is similar to directions dye. It does have quite a high stain threshold though, with vibrant bright pink

Crazy colours dye

stains left behind after my first go, but provided you get them straight away it's not too troublesome to remove.

I left this on un-bleached hair for a maximum of 2 hours, the recommended time is 15 minutes but as usual with all semi permanent dyes the longer you leave it, the more the dye shade takes to your hair.

Once rinsed off the results were very vibrant even for un-bleached hair, I was left with a very bright pinkish-red shade of hair. The second test of course comes with testing how long this shade stays intact on my barnet.

After the first dye job I noticed fading quite rapidly within a week of the initial dye, lasting around 2 weeks. However after a second go a month later (following the exact same process as before) it lasted 3 weeks. For semi-permanent dyes the length of time the shade stays intact is usually a few washes so to keep the shade on for 3 weeks is quite an achievement.

The overall shade was far more vibrant than expected and did have a great effect, the only downside with the dye is the neon pink staining during the dye process (even masking myself completely in Vaseline didn't stop it!); but a good scrubby facial wash easily removes it.

I'd definitely use the shade again, and I'd love to see how the Vermillion red shade takes to un-bleached hair as well.

You can buy Crazy colours dye from & find tips and hair dye images over at their Hair dye gallery.

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