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beeunique hair dyes


When it comes to choosing an alternative style for your hair you certainly won't want to shy away with a dull palette of shades to finish your look, why go for plain old black or reds when you go all out with vibrant tones of blues, purples, greens & even yellows!

Beeunique carry the largest selection of alternative hair dyes in the UK, with a vast range of alternative hair dye brands in stock in a rainbow spectrum of shades & tones. From Manic panic to Directions, in tones & even uv shades so your bound to find that exact shade that grabs your fancy.

They've got everything to get you started on the way, whether it's your first home hair dye attempt or you simply need to re-stock on those essentials. From bleach kits to tint brushes & gloves, you can even find Directions range of

beeunique hair dyes beeunique hair dyes

colour protecting shampoos & conditioners in store to help keep your do as fresh as the day you dyed it.

You can search by brand type or colour so if you fancy going pink you can opt to look through their range of in stock pink dyes, or simply go straight to your favourite brand.

There's even helpful advice & information with their hair dye guides & tips, hair dye gallery so you can preview those shades already tried & tested, and even visit their hair dye forum to find out more.

Pay a visit to today to grab your favourite dyes, or get started on your first alternative dye attempt, you'll be spoilt for choice!

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