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Colour your hair with ease : Temporary hair colour.

Want to have colourful tresses but worried about committing to that new shade?, or does the thought of your workplace frowning upon your latest hair colour leave you feeling a little wary of braving that unicorn tone? Fret not, you can still achieve colourful locks without having to stick to that bold pink shade for longer than the weekend.

Crazy Color hair spray : Temporary hair colour

Whatever your reasons, you can still obtain colour perfection with something a little more temporary... The world of hair colour has really opened up in recent years, so you'd be amazed at what you can try for a quick, short term, look.

Of course, we're not going to lie, for those of us with darker hair temporary hair dye solutions can be somewhat few and far between, but there's always something that you can try. For those of you with lighter hair you'll find plenty to try out, whatever temporary colour you prefer.

Just spray it on.

Spray on hair dyes have really changed recently, now you can find a pastel rainbow of tones to try out with Crazy Colour's new Pastel spray. Available in four shades, lasting for up to 3 washes, so you can easily change your shade for the weekend - please note that this spray is only recommended for blonde hair; yes, we're sad about that too..

Stargazer Hair mascara : Alternative hair colour

Comb in it.

Who else remembers the wonder of hair mascara in the late 90's? Well it's back (in fact, it never actually went away..), available in a rainbow of shades, simply swipe that wand in a section of your hair to add a temporary streak of colour, wherever you like!

You'll find a range of shades to try from the likes of Stargazer and Paint Glow. These will wash out instantly, so they're perfect for a quick change for the night.

Swipe it on.

Not just content with one application method, why not try hair chalk for an instant splash of colour. Simply swipe it on using a sponge applicator, wherever you want to add some colour to your hair.

With a range of shades to try, mostly pastel tones however, with Stargazer, Paint Glow, and Splat offering a selection of hair chalks. Please note that some of these are only recommended for blonde hair.

Colourful hair chalk : Temporary hair colour

Colour with style.

A two in one application with some colourful hair gel! Add a dash of colour to your look as you style your hair, with a range of shades to choose from.

Snap up a tube from the likes of Manic Panic, Paint Glow, and Stargazer, with UV shades also available to try.

Manic Panic Hair gel : Alternative hair colour

Clip it in.

Prefer something with minimal effort? Why not try some clip in extensions to add some instant colourful streaks to your hair. Simply clip them in under a small section of your hair to conceal the clip and your set!

Incredibly easy to use, with a rainbow of shades to try from the likes of Manic Panic (Glam Strips), Stargazer, and Blue Banana.

Of course, it goes without saying that you can always apply a semi-permanent dye too. The longevity of the shade will depend on how long you leave the hair dye on for - with most vegetable based dyes (such as Stargazer, La Riche Directions..), these can fade after a couple of washes if you only leave them on for 15 minutes - however this will vary dependant on your natural hair colour, so always take this into account first.

There's always a way to add an instant pop of colour to your hair for the night, or a long weekend, whatever you choose to try! Why not visit our handy hair dye section on our directory site to find stockists for alternative hair dyes (including temporary products).