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Alt fashion; end of year poll - the final results!

The votes are in & counted, we've taken in all the nominations from our contributors & readers over the 4 categories: UK designer, UK company, UK shop & UK webshop.

The final results are:

UK designer

Dolly de Lash is a young english designer of burlesque wear specialising in handmade nipple tassles/pasties.

As well as offing an extensive catalogue of designs, Dolly also offers a custom designs.

I found the service exceptional working closely to ensure my idea was achieved. they arrived before deadline and were packaged beautifully.

I have found that Dolly De Lash is sympathetic to the tradtions of burlesque yet is versatile and offers new exciting designs for the neo burlesquers out there. When you buy from dolly you know you will have a gorgeous design which is always made to a high standard.

Dolly is well known for making pasties for many performers including Scarlet Fever as mentioned in your current issue (#6). Nomination from rhonda risque.

UK company

Collectif - Slowly on the rise in the last year, Collectif have been bringing out rockabilly inspired threads for years. With an ever evolving range of designs that set themselves apart from other companies on the mainstream alternative market. Nomination from the editor.

UK shop

Shrinking Violet, Bristol - For being so exciting and unique with their designs, as well as being so efficient with website updates and continuously offering large discounts and sales to their customers all over the world. Nomination from Nickie Hobbs

UK web shop

Bee unique - For their excellent customer service, dispatch & selection of products.

As well as stocking a plenthora of dye brands & colours with advice & galleries on the hair dye section too. Nomination from the editor.

Congratulations to our winners & thanks for our readers for getting the votes in for the poll!

Designer of the year; Dolly de lash Shop of the year; Shrinking violet, Bath

'07 poll images: Dolly delash, & Shrinking violet.