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Alternative art by Swanee Vranckx

Underwater Delights and Other Stories...

I first came across Swannee Vranckx's unique work, via the wonders of social media - namely Facebook! I was instantly drawn to her striking visual flair and distinctly retro style. more>>>

Urban Decay & Gwen Stefani

Urban Decay teams up with Gwen Stefani for their latest collection.

We can only think why haven't they done this before?! Gwen Stefani's unique sense of style is perfectly matched with Urban Decay's vibrant and alt friendly palette of shades, so news of their latest collection is certainly more >>>

Alternative fashion at London Fashion Week

The alternative has gatecrashed the mainstream, and they're non the wiser

Alternative style has always influenced some of mainstream fashion's most beloved designers, but beyond punk and gothic style, when it comes to alternative fashion, most fashionista's aren't more >>>

LondonEdge trade show

LondonEdge September 2015 report.

Everytime we visit LondonEdge we come back with a wishlist full of new items, with plenty of stylish alternative attire on show, there's always plenty of new season designs to feast your eyes upon and this September was certainly no exception. more >>>

Motel's newest collection at LondonEdge

Take a sneak peek at Motel's newest collection with Grace Neutral at LondonEdge.

We love a taking a sneak peek ahead at new season designs, and we're certainly in for a treat at LondonEdge this weekend as we get to sink our claws into Motel's newest collection with tattoo artist Grace Neutral more >>>

Lazy Oaf and Ragged Priest jeans

Making alternative denim look even more amazing, as Lazy Oaf teams up with Ragged Priest.

We're already spoilt for choice for alternative denim, with every style imaginable available at a mere click, from those amazing DIY style studded and ripped jeans, to killer skinny fit jeans, and we're about more >>>

This week Alt Fashion ❤'s

Loretta striped retro swing halterneck dress by Dolly and Dotty.

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